I achieved a 99% win-rate for the last 6 years, with a consistent profit... and you can too!
Even if you don't have any experience in investing.
 ✔ Speed is not always your best friend
Have you ever found yourself rushing to work on a trade that was going haywire? Only to find that minutes after you locked down your action, it went a different direction again? Is there a methodology out there that takes this away altogether?
 ✔ Not all investment strategies are for you
You've probably heard a dozen speeches on why this or that strategy is the best. Yet, no one will ever tell you whether it's right for you. It's true, some methodologies are only suitable for a certain person, or a certain lifestyle. So how do you know which is for you?
 ✔ Stock selection
The most crucial tip of all. It all boils down to this! How can you instantly eliminate thousands of stocks by using a certain criteria? It can get that simple!
Would you pay $10 to protect $2 million dollars worth of stocks?
If your answer is yes, congratulations! Because you just sold your first option contract, and just earned some money.

That's how Options work. If you haven't already heard about it, it really is time that you did.

Check Out This Simple But Little Known Investment Strategy That 
Common Investors In Singapore And Malaysia Have Quietly Been Using...
The strategy that our students from all around the region have been using to generate an extra $1-2k income Per Month!
Hear What One Of Our Newest Graduates Has To Say
Hey There,
IMPossible Investor!
My name is Terence.
Most of you may know me as the IMPossible Options Strategist.

Here's a little about me:

- I was a boutique fund manager for 13 years

- As the youngest fund manager back then, I managed sums up to six figures, and generated results for my clients via Stocks, Options, Index, Futures and Forex 

- I started The Income Mastery Programme in 2013. My record still stands at 99% wins in my Live Trades. 

All these years, I coached every single of these investors personally, and not through apprentices. That's how I ensure that every single one of you will attain the same results as all my past graduates. 

Here’s a sneak peek into what will be shared in the workshop:
Pick & Milk The Right Stocks For Maximum Profits
Maximize your investment capital and profit consistently through options (a lesser known yet very profitable instrument), while spending just 30mins per week
Profit-Creating 4.S. Approach

Four repeatable, simple yet powerful strategies for you to create a 30% ROI. Regardless if you are experienced or not 
TradeRepair Technique

Learn how to turn unpredictable market conditions (losing trades) into wins and pocket profits while doing so
‘Book Knowledge’ Investor Flaws
Discover the hidden flaw that 99% of value investors know but won't tell you... and learn the coveted 1% IMPossible strategy to cash out constantly
Stock Market Certainty Methodology
Once you've learned this holy grail methodology of investment, you'll never have to get burned or lose sleep because of the stock market again. P.S: No more "cut loss"!
Our IMPossible Investors
"Closed crazy Feb with a compounded returns of 9.7%. My highest achievement so far."

She's shown us how it's done. She's a stay-at-home mum, she cooks, she cleans, and she invests... with 100% accuracy we might add!

She’s one of our Top 10 Investors of 2017, and she came in with a mean swing! In just 8 months, she has closed 196 trades, ALL with a profit!

No. of active trading months: 8 
No. of trades opened: 198 
No. of trades closed: 196 (2 trades for expiry in 2 weeks)
No. of trades assigned: 3 (held stocks and sold for profit)
No. of trades repaired: 23 (all closed with profit)
Average monthly ROI: 4%
Win Trade: 100%

"I was not open to the idea of another form of trading because of the trauma that I experienced with trading Singapore Stocks."

I decided to take the leap of faith and took up the IMP. It was one of the best financial decisions I ever made in my life. I managed to have small but certain money gains over the options I sold. Even if there are losses, I will try to repair back using IMP strategies that was taught to eventually make it profitable. All in all, really appreciative of the IMP for the financial freedom opportunity.

"Now 13 months into the programme, I'm using the strategy to manage a pool of funds for my family."

What trust would I put into a strategy to invest not just my money, but also my family's? All while not sacrificing my time to stare at charts and screens daily. The programme continues to amaze me with the continuous support that Terence and the community provides. Simple strategy, flexible with proven record to get rich slowly (without having to be glued to the screen daily).
Frequently Asked Questions
  • If I’m new to trading, will I be able to keep up in the class?
    The Income Mastery Programme is not only a two-day workshop, but a much longer journey than that. The programme is designed for the everyday investor. We’ve even had undergraduate students as young as 21 years old, with no experience in trading, join us in the programme. It’s good that you recognize your fears, and it’s what you do about them. We do recommend to do a pre-reading of the workbooks that are given out to you upon your enrolment to get a better idea of what you’re in for.

  • How long will it take for me to start making money?
    The IMP aims to consistently bring 30% ROI to the investor. However, there are some variables that come into play, especially if you want to accelerate the money-making process. How often you trade, how closely you abide by IMP principles.

  • Why should I choose income investing over other strategies?
     Most ‘experts’ preach buying the right stock to make a profit. But they make a massive assumption that you will be able to sell at the right price too. Truth is, you only make money when a sale is made. Anything else is mere paper profits. Personally, I prefer to be able to see the money in my account week in and week out. Not the theoretical, false hope that “Yes ah, my stock price has gone up.” All that stuff doesn’t matter anymore when I started income investing. 

  •  How much of my time do I need to put aside? 
    That’s entirely up to you! Being an option seller gives us the flexibility to choose the amount of time we put into managing our investments. It can start from as little as 30mins a month, to 30 mins a week. After all, many of our students are also full-time working adults or homemakers with kids as their priority, and this is their side pocket money.

  •  I’ve attended other programs but didn’t see results. How can I be sure this will be different?
    Unlike many other programmes, you will have access to the expert himself, and not his apprentices. Isn’t that of utmost importance, especially if trouble comes? On top of that, you’ll have a close-knitted, robust community that will support you throughout your journey with us. We’ll also be honest that unless you follow the methodology strictly and put in the required commitment, you probably still won’t see much results.
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