When Should You Start Investing? How Does The Recent Economic Affect The Current Stock Market?

When Should You Start Investing? How Does The Recent Economic Affect The Current Stock Market?

Hi, again everyone. This is Terence from Income Mastery Program. So, today in this video we going to tackle this question. It is probably in most of your minds. People ask, “Terence, when is a good time to invest? When is a good time to get started?”

This is a very interesting period of time to address this question. That is because everyone has this fear that the markets are sky-high right now. The US markets hitting new highs and we are hitting new highs over here. What were seeing over here is that the economy is not doing as well and everyone is not doing as well. Oil prices are not doing as well. So, there’s a fear that is ongoing and in the economy itself.

How does it affect the investments that we make over here? People fear that they are buying things at a price that is too high. Again, think about the Income Mastery Program. In the last series of videos, we spoke about this concept whereby in the Income Mastery Program we are looking at the great stocks out there. What we are doing is that we are trying to start an investment business out of the stocks that we create. So, if you are starting a business, it does not matter if the stock is going up, down, left, right or center. It is about the stock being there.

Remember this, in the Income Mastery Program all that we need to make money and income, is for the stock to be there. As long as the stock is there, we’re able to create our strategies, we’re able to craft strategies and make our money out of it. So, the fear that says, “What if the stocks go down? Terence, what should I do?” Don’t worry about this because in Income Mastery Program what we include is that we include what we call repair strategies.

Our repair strategies are what makes investors so comfortable with the business itself. They know that even when things go wrong, they’ll be able to fix their business. So, at the end of the day, they can still make money. Think about this. Property investors do this all the time. They may be buying a property for the long haul but in the meantime, they are collecting rental income in the process. It could be three years down the world or four years down the road when they may dispose of the property.

Right now, they may sell it at a cheaper price but based on the income that they are creating out of the rental that they made, it will actually come out profitable for them at the end of the day. Would you not like to invest your money this way? If you like to know more about how we do this on a more in-depth basis, pay attention to our next series of videos. We will elaborate further about these new investing concepts and why we position the Income Mastery Program at a high position between the traders and investors. Now, that is all for this video. Thank you very much for listening. This is Terence, goodbye.

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