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Did You Know That Successful Investors Are NEVER At The Mercy of The Stock Market?


They Make Profits Whether The Market is Up OR Down, Using Methods That
ANYBODY with ANY Level of Experience Can Learn

Today, you can learn the very same methods that have
generated consistent profits for the richest investors around.

This is the wonderful story you hear about the world of investing:

One guy bought stocks at $1 and now the stocks are worth $10, increasing his profits by TEN TIMES!

This is what you DON’T hear:

That guy is either someone who is lucky (as in 1 out of 10,000) or someone who spent years studying the stock market, losing tens of thousands while learning, and finally makes a lucky break

This is what really happens to successful investors:

Successful investors make steady and consistent profits, instead of hoping to strike it rich in one trade. They follow a set of rules that helps them make educated decisions instead of depending on lucky guesses! Knowing that consistency is on their side, they patiently make smart investments that gradually get bigger and bigger.

If you’d like to find out how, read on.

In other words…

The difference between the investor who lost and the investor who consistently wins, is a systematic, easy-to-follow, proven system.
And today, you get a chance to learn from someone who knows EXACTLY what makes an investor succeed in the market!

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

Firstly, my name is Terence Tan and gratefully, I’m no stranger to success. I’m a 6-time SEA Games gold medallist in the sport of water polo, but it’s only because I train harder than most people do. There is no shortcut, only consistently applied effort. My passion for success can also be seen in my trading track record.

Secondly, I do NOT know everything there is to know about investing. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know what he’s saying, because there are countless financial instruments out there and even more “strategies” to follow. What I DO know is that I have 12 years of trading experience, and have consistently made highly profitable trades. I have made 94 weekly winning trades out of 98 issued live weekly transactions since June 2011. This equates to an accuracy of 97%. One thing I can assure you is that I don’t depend on luck.

Thirdly, I have decided to share the methods that have helped me pull in profits for over a decade, with you! This is why I created the 1st and ONLY Income Investing Programme in Asia Pacific. To date, I have helped my community of students amass over US$600,000 in profits!

Here is what our graduates have to say, after enjoying low-risk and consistent profits after attending the Income Investing Programme:

“We have always wanted to do investment/ trading full-time, but we could not find any suitable and safe methods. The courses I’ve attended previously were not easy to implement and also lacked in providing follow up support. We would have to make a purchase before making any money. Whereas for IMP, we have a dedicated investment coach, Terence Tan, who hand-holds us through 12 months AFTER the course ends. Furthermore, we collect money upfront from the trades!

After attending the IMP course, we finally found a reliable and safe trading methodology that enable us to get into full-time trading with confidence. It took about 6 months for us to build our confidence before going full-time, and the returns we’re facing are remarkable. To date, we’re seeing 20% ROI per annum and are working to increasing it further. What we love about this methodology is that we can repair trades that go wrong, while still profiting from them!"

- Alan Toh, 47 Full-Time Investor

“I was interested in the stock market but due to its volatility, I couldn’t get consistent results. The Income Mastery Programme gave me the ability to trade the market with cash in pocket first, and own stock at the right price. After just 5 months, I’ve generated at least 30% ROI per annum from the market. Other courses I’ve attended leave you alone once completed, but IMP provided consistent support. Today I’m a smart investor because of the money and price trail analysis taught by IMP. Thank you guys!”

- Keng Lee, 40 Manufacturing Manager

I was having difficulty selecting stocks and dealing with market fluctuations. Most of the time, I would lose my accumulated earnings and more. I was always in a dilemma, not knowing when to cut my losses or to hold a position. This course eliminated such difficulties and I was even getting more income when holding a position.After a year of guidance and coaching by Terence, my profits provided to be consistent, even when the market crashed. The year-long coaching helped me understand the importance of consistency, and I now never have to cut losses or invest in lower capital. This actually gave me confidence to invest more money and maintain decent ROI, supporting my daily expenses. This course also reduced the time I spent monitoring stocks.

My ROI is up to 30% so far, and I am very happy with such figures!

- Arthur Tan

Before attending IMP, I have almost ZERO knowledge on investment/ trading. I basically wanted to start managing my money and attended a few forex seminars, but they seemed full of strategies so complicated that I didn’t know how to get started. After attending IMP, I’m finally using my money to make more money. My money really started to grow after 3 months into IMP training.

My ROI is currently 24% per annum and the strategies taught are clear, precise, simple and most importantly, presented in a step-by-step manner. The strategies are very safe due to the nature of the stocks we trade and it suits my conservative personality when it comes to investment. I hardly spend much time observing the stock market each week, yet I’m consistently making profits.

I love how simple and secure the strategies are.

Hian Twan
- Chang Hian Twan, 27 Chemist

The questions you need to ask yourself are:


  • Would increasing the consistency of profitable investments in the market be ideal for my investment strategies?

  • As an experienced investor in the stock market, am I looking to reduce the risk and increase the returns of EVERY trade I make?

  • Being completely new to the world of trading and investing, would it be possible to avoid heavy losses due to inexperienced trades in the market?

  • Considering the funds I have, what lifestyle possibilities can I open up with highly profitable investments?

  • Are you tired of get rich quick promises that never deliver results?

If you’re tired of investment courses that promise ridiculously high returns in short time frames, or get rich quick schemes that end up costing more than they produce, then the following FREE workshop is probably for you.

If you have ZERO experience in investment but have the interest, then what we are going to introduce might be exactly what you need to kick-start your investment portfolio!

Introducing the…

Income Mastery FREE Workshop

This is NOT a workshop on getting rich quick. There are NO generic theories that contain fluff, with no quality content.

This workshop contains tested and proven methods that have worked for years on end. These same methods have helped us and our graduates generate profitable, low-risk trades that have added to our financial and lifestyle goals.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • The mindset that successful investors and the wealthy have
  • How to create a financial blueprint that works for YOU
  • How to profit even when trades go wrong
  • Repair trades that go bad
  • Uncover the principles of income investing in bearish and bullish markets
  • How to collect payments all-year-round from your own stocks NOW
  • How to filter the right stocks for you in less than 15 mins!
  • Creating multiple streams of income, using your own stocks
  • Never, ever pay market price for stocks again – ever!


I’ve seen enough, I want to reserve my FREE seat!

 18th April 2017 at 19:00 (SGT) @ Success Training Centre, Blk 231 Bain Street #04-41 Bras Basah Complex Singapore 180231 2nd May 2017 at 19:30 (SGT) @ Success Training Centre, Blk 231 Bain Street #04-41 Bras Basah Complex Singapore 180231 Inform me of a future session

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Remember, you are not alone in facing such challenges

Here are some people who have experienced similar difficulties, but have changed their financial blueprint since graduating from our programme:

“This course allowed me to generate an additional income stream, with the profits covering all my living expenses! Previously, it was very hard to find an investment tool with minimum risk and time involvement, while still generating consistent profits.
I’ve seen profits immediately after the course, and am seeing 35% ROI per annum after just 1 year of trading. This is the only stocks-related course I’ve attended, and tools like the trade alert and group learning makes it easier than expected. Thank you for making it so easy.”

- Tan Sze Chia, 42 Director

“One of my biggest difficulties was to scale up my ROI on a regular basis, without taking on more risk. My annual ROI was around 3% to 4%. After the course, I am more comfortable with handling my financial journey. What’s great is that I’m no longer at the mercy of the market or what “experts” are saying! It took me less than 4 months after the course to get familiar with the methodology. In 2014, my ROI shot up to around 30% to 40% per annum.

As an experienced trader, I like how this course doesn’t make ridiculous promises about high profits and instead, focuses on ways to reduce risk (which is just as, if not more important!). I found it easy to pick up on the core concepts and the 12 month coaching period was very helpful in making my trades a success.”

- Daryl Tay

“I started out with very minimal knowledge and experience about the stock exchange. After attending the course, I managed to improve my investment income for retirement plans. I achieved 16.71% ROI per annum in only 3 months (May-Jul) and 22.38% ROI per annum in 8 months (May-Dec) after completing the course. I love how the support team is sincere, realistic and provides detailed guidance whenever needed. Aspects like the strategies, tools, techniques, forum and monthly gathering really made this course easy to follow and implement.”

- Maureen Lian, 48 Project Manager

“I’m generally a value-investor for stocks and value-averaging for ETFs/ mutual funds. Waiting for the falls/ value while cash sits around was my main pain. CALLs and PUTs can also be very confusing to learn from paper and this course helps a lot with that.After 6 months of testing and applying the methodologies, I started ramping up the capital and customising the usage for myself. The course is logical and easily applied, without being a spoon-feeding thing where students are forced to follow the trainer’s approach.”

- Wong Mun Keong, 43 IT Professional

So if you’re done getting frustrated with your current financial standing, and are looking to make consistently profitable investments in the stock market, sign up for your free seat NOW!

P.S. Know someone with similar financial pains as you? Bring him/ her along and receive a free gift from us!

Remember that we don’t just promise profits, we deliver them CONSISTENTLYs!


What Our Graduates Say