The Programme

The Income Mastery Programme is not a workshop on getting rich quick. Instead, it contains tested and proven methods that have worked for years on end. Our graduates have utilized these methods to generate profitable, low-risk trades, contributing to their personal and lifestyle goals.

Our students don’t make one or two profitable trades in the market. They enjoy consistent wins over weeks, months and years. IMP teaches a student how to “fish” so they can feed themselves for the foreseeable future.

The IMP workshop covers the following topics:

  • The mindset that successful investors and the wealthy have
  • How to create a financial blueprint that works for YOU
  • How to profit even when trades go wrong
  • Repair trades that go bad
  • Uncover the principles of income investing in bearish and bullish markets
  • How to collect payments all-year-round from your own stocks NOW
  • How to filter the right stocks for you in less than 15 mins!
  • Creating multiple streams of income, using your own stocks
  • Never, ever pay market price for stocks again – ever!

Ready to finally experience consistent results without learning complicated technical terms? Register your free seat here!

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