When Should You Start Investing? How Does The Recent Economic Affect The Current Stock Market?

When Should You Start Investing? How Does The Recent Economic Affect The Current Stock Market?

Hi, again everyone. This is Terence from Income Mastery Program. So, today in this video we going to tackle this question. It is probably in most of your minds. People ask, “Terence, when is a good time to invest? When is a good time to get started?”

This is a very interesting period of time to address this question. That is because everyone has this fear that the markets are sky-high right now. The US markets hitting new highs and we are hitting new highs over here. What were seeing over here is that the economy is not doing as well and everyone is not doing as well. Oil prices are not doing as well. So, there’s a fear that is ongoing and in the economy itself.

How does it affect the investments that we make over here? People fear that they are buying things at a price that is too high. Again, think about the Income Mastery Program. In the last series of videos, we spoke about this concept whereby in the Income Mastery Program we are looking at the great stocks out there. What we are doing is that we are trying to start an investment business out of the stocks that we create. So, if you are starting a business, it does not matter if the stock is going up, down, left, right or center. It is about the stock being there.

Remember this, in the Income Mastery Program all that we need to make money and income, is for the stock to be there. As long as the stock is there, we’re able to create our strategies, we’re able to craft strategies and make our money out of it. So, the fear that says, “What if the stocks go down? Terence, what should I do?” Don’t worry about this because in Income Mastery Program what we include is that we include what we call repair strategies.

Our repair strategies are what makes investors so comfortable with the business itself. They know that even when things go wrong, they’ll be able to fix their business. So, at the end of the day, they can still make money. Think about this. Property investors do this all the time. They may be buying a property for the long haul but in the meantime, they are collecting rental income in the process. It could be three years down the world or four years down the road when they may dispose of the property.

Right now, they may sell it at a cheaper price but based on the income that they are creating out of the rental that they made, it will actually come out profitable for them at the end of the day. Would you not like to invest your money this way? If you like to know more about how we do this on a more in-depth basis, pay attention to our next series of videos. We will elaborate further about these new investing concepts and why we position the Income Mastery Program at a high position between the traders and investors. Now, that is all for this video. Thank you very much for listening. This is Terence, goodbye.

#1 Reason Why You Should Choose US Stocks Over SG Stocks

#1 Reason Why You Should Choose US Stocks Over SG Stocks

Hi, again everyone. This is Terence from the Income Mastery Program. So, today we are going to cover this simple question, “Terence, why choose US stock market and not Singapore market?” Now, the answer is very simple. You know, I have not touched the Singapore stocks for over 10 years right now. So, I always tell my students this in a funny way. If you actually ask me by saying, “What is the [DBS] stock price is today?” I can not give you an answer because I really do not know. However, if you ask me what the US stock price is today, I can probably name a lot of them today.

So, why do we choose the US again? As simple as it is actually this. The simple answer is because we should basically move our money to where it can produce the most. Right now, best investors out there do not stick to a single country. Money always goes where it is treated best. It is to me, about being able to start an investment business using the biggest and the best companies out there in the whole world. It means that my money is able to work over there.

Now, think about it the ultimate question that I always ask my students: “Do you actually think for example if Coca-Cola were to face troubles and DBS were to face troubles. Who do you think would collapse first?” You know we all know the answer. Doesn’t that give you the security and the sense of safety when it comes to the US markets? That is because the companies over there are targeting a worldwide market. That is, compared to the small markets that we have here, this is the business we’re trying to target and make money out of.

Again, it is not about where we are investing. It is about where our money is able to work the hardest. Right now, buying big blue chips in Singapore, you’re probably going to get average 8%-10% returns in the long run. Take this business into the US market and start an investment business out of it with the Income Mastery philosophy. What we are able to do is to bring this 8% to 10% per annum up to an average of about 30% and higher on annual basis. So, again just like previous video at 30% per annum, you are able to increase your money by 3.7 times every five years. Isn’t that where your money is treated best?

The answer is very simple. Think about your money. How hard that you want to work your money over here. It is going to be the same thing. You can choose big blue chips in the US or big blue chips and Singapore. They’re all safe after all. Right now, if you want to work your money hard then that is were we go. We go to US markets over here.

So, I hope that I have been able to help you with this little feel that you have over here about the US markets. That is all that we have for this video. You will find out more in our next couple of videos. This all that I have for today. Thank you very much. This is Terence goodbye.

The Simple Technique Used at IMP To Stocks Selection

The Simple Technique Used at IMP To Stocks Selection

Hi, again everyone. This is Terence from Income Mastery Program. Today we are going to talk about another question that we typically get from our interested investors over here. Now, another question that is usually asked “Terence, how should I select a stock?”, or “What kind of stocks should I look out for so I know that I’m going to make money, right now?” That is the 1-million-dollar question. I always tell our investors that everything should be kept simple because the simpler that things, the simpler money will be made.

Now, think about property. Property is so simple that anybody who does it the simple way will make money out of it. So, in the stock market, how can we do the same? How can we keep things simple? Some of the more recent news are stories like when Intel reported they are laying off 16,000 workers worldwide. People then asked me, “Should I fear Intel company?” My reply to them is actually very simple. You do not have a look at numbers because numbers are always going to be numbers. Corporations will do whatever they want to show the numbers that they want to show. But, it is more in terms of a commonsense decision that you have to make with your investments over here.

Ask yourself this, “What is the motto of Intel?” The motto of Intel has always been Intel insight. So, what is Intel insight? Intel insight has always been about selling their processors to all of the computers out there. They dominate about 80% to 90% of the market share in terms of the laptop and desktop productions over here. So, if they lay off 16,000 workers yes it is a concern but are they less “insight” nowadays? Now, if they’re not less “insight”, then it is still a great company after all. There’s still going to make money at the end of a day. Right now companies, and that is the case for big companies, have ability to make money or profits year after year all the time. It is just a matter of that specific year being more or less. It is a very simple process.

Another example. I always tell my students that 3M is a big company, one of the best companies that you can look at. Why? If you go out there and ask anyone, “Have you ever laid hands on a 3M product today.” What would you think their answer will be? I think the answer is that 80% to 90% of the people that you asked would give you an answer that says, “Yes.” That means money. There are able to sell their products to 80% to 90% of the people out there. Not just the people but offices included. Now, think about this. What happens to the worldwide population after that? It goes every year. When it grows every year 80% to 90% of market share of something that grows naturally every year is profit. That is simple. You don’t need any number crunching to achieve that.

Once you know a company is able to make money what we need to do after that is to make sure this generates profits for our own end. What we need to do is find a great company and find your own means and strategies to create a source of income out of the good investments over there. That is what we’re doing at Income Mastery Program. If you would like to find out more about this stay tuned to our next videos. We will talk a lot more about these topics and how we can achieve this. So, that is all for this video. Thank you very much.

Why Stock Investments Can Achieve Both Capital Gains And Monthly Income Returns

Why Stock Investments Can Achieve Both Capital Gains And Monthly Income Returns

Hi, again everyone. This is Terence from the Income Mastery Program. In this video I’m going to elaborate on the ideas of investments as a philosophy. So, when it comes to investments-again, in previous videos I’ve always talked about the need to be calculated in terms of your position and knowing exactly outcomes you want to achieve from each of the investment decisions that you make. So, today were going to talk about asset classes. The first is property and second is the stock market.

Property investors has always been known to be safe with their investment philosophies. But, what happens over here with properties is that the people feel safe because of two particular elements. The first thing is the ability to create income which is a form of rental income. Then, while they are sitting on this rental income that comes to them on a monthly basis and allows them to achieve that capital gains which comes eventually over time. So, I always say that it will work for most people because they are paid to wait.

When people are paid to wait, they assume a very comfortable position with their investments. That is because as long as they feel that money is coming in, they don’t feel a need to let it go for any form of losses. So, it is really about creating this form of income that makes people feel very comfortable. However, when it comes to the stock market, people feel generally very different.

I always ask people this: Will you stick your whole retirement income or portfolio on the stock market? The answer is usually no. However, when I asked them about the property market, the answer is a resounding yes. Why does it have to be like that? I realized over time that the logic behind it is simple. With properties, people see income and capital gains coming in hand-in-hand. This means that it is income and capital gains for them. However, when it comes to the stock market, it is also always income or capital gains. What do I mean when I say this? In the stock market, if you are buying a stock for income, which is a form of dividends, that means you probably have to look at blue-chip counters.

People know for fact that blue-chip counters, they do not go up any time soon. So, there is no real capital gains to talk about. However, if you are buying a stock for capital gains then you have no choice but to buy mid-tier stocks or penny stocks. The penny stocks and mid-tier stocks do not pay dividends. So, it becomes income or the capital gains.

What we do in Income Mastery Program is that we show people, that with our stock selections, we are able to find stocks that both provide income as well as capital gains. So, when you have income and capital gains then the stock market is no longer any different from property markets. If you would like to find out how we do this, look out for next series of videos which should be coming up.

Thank you very much.

Why Are We Investing And How To Choose The Correct Vehicle To Meet Your Investment Needs

Why Are We Investing And How To Choose The Correct Vehicle To Meet Your Investment Needs

Hi, this is Terence from Income Mastery Program. In this video, I’m going to talk about why are we investing? People start investing for various reasons. Most of them are actually clueless in terms of why they start investing. So, today I want to talk about the simple ideas. Do you invest with an end in mind or do you invest simply with the idea of making as much money as you can?

Do you see, there is a big difference because if you are investing just to make money and you do not have any goal in mind, then you are actually very unsure of what you going to do. Because what you’re going to do is take every opportunity where you see an opportunity to make money out of it. However, a lot of them are not actually good for you in a different sense. So, in this video, we going to talk about a different philosophy and how we can help you towards making a better decision for yourself. So, the difference is that in my previous videos, what I spoke about is the difference between a trading philosophy and an investment philosophy. So, with trading, there was always going to be an in and out.

There’s always going to be speculating to make these opportunities. When you are always trying to make money for predicting the next move that an asset class does, you can actually depend on that as a form of income. When you are trying to plan for that big financial freedom which I believe all of you want to reach at the end of the day through your investments, this is not going to work. That is because you cannot depend on it. Every decision that you make is not going to be right at all. When things go wrong, you actually suffer losses. What I always tell my students is, “When you suffer a loss or take a loss, it is actually putting you two steps back.” That is because you first have to recover the loss and then make extra income after that.

So, when it comes to investments, we say that we make very calculated decisions. For example, you take an investment approach and you are safe about it, am I right? Have you ever heard of a blue chip stock investor actually losing money? They do not have to. The purpose of them buying a big blue-chip is because they know that they going to make money. It’s just an element of time. So, in the Income Mastery Program, the difference we make is that we get our investors only into the biggest and best companies out there. Why? That is because it allows them to keep things simple. They know the buyer to a great company, what we do on top of that is that we found them the source of providing this extra residual income they can depend upon on a month-to-month basis.

Now, if you think that we are creating low incomes because we are talking about investments, think again. In the Income Mastery Program, we’re able to create a niche out of what we do. With big blue chip companies, we are actually able to create a return of above 30% per annum on all of them.

Now, think about this. Think about Coca-Cola. It is not 8 to 10% returns anymore. Now it is 30% returns. Do you want to hold Coca-Cola if it is giving you 30% year after year? I’m not talking about this year and then two years after. I’m talking about this year 30%, next year 30% and it goes on from there. Now, what if you do not like Coca-Cola. There’s always Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson and it is these big companies that we think about owning. Why? It is because they are safe. You can go to sleep well at night. Before you make another investment decision, think again. Is a good night’s rest more important or is making money more important to you?

Now, if you would like to find out more, pay attention to the next videos. They will come out very soon. Thank you very much.

Myths Debunked: Difference Between Trading & Investment

Myths Debunked: Difference Between Trading & Investment

Hi, this is Terence from Income Mastery Program. An increasing trend in online reports state that over the years, there has been a jump in number of workers being laid off. So, this emphasizes importance of creating a residual income. So, in our series of videos, what we are going to do is that we are going to cover the different opportunities of creating this income and look at pros and cons of each different attempts. We will see which one best suits you in the form of your character and how you are going to go about getting this source of income for yourself.

So, in this video is we are going to debunk the difference between trading and investments. A lot of people cannot differentiate what they are actually doing. Are they trading or investing? Main difference simply boils down to this. If you are always getting in and out of an opportunity that you spotted over here, just to make a little bit of money. It may be a substantial amount of money. What happens is that you are doing nothing else but practicing art of speculation which is a form of gambling, for the lack of better words.

Investors over here make sure that every decision that needs to receive investment is calculated, premeditated and you know the exact outcome that you want to achieve. Basically, it is a matter of knowing two things. How you want to go about making your money and how you want to go about achieving the freedom that you have set your sights on for yourself over here?

If you want to know more about this, then pay attention to a next video which is going to be coming out soon.

How Much Is Really Needed To Start Investing? $2000? $10,000? or More?

How Much Is Really Needed To Start Investing? $2000? $10,000? or More?

Hi, everyone again. This is Terence from the Income Mastery Program. This video is about the questions that I usually get from new investors. One of the typical questions that I always get from students is, “Terence. How much do I invest? Let’s say if I have $20,000. How much money can I make or should I invest the $20,000 at all?” The typical answer that I always tell students is this, “How sure are you of the investment philosophies that you are applying right now and the market? Are they giving you the comforts of the returns that you are trying to make? Are you investing your money in a way where you cannot sleep at night?” You may make money but what is the point if you do not sleep well at night. That is because you have to go to work the next day anyway. So, let’s talk about this.

In the Income Mastery Program, our average returns hits around 30% annually. A lot of people cannot actually imagine what does that relate too. It actually means that with every $10,000 that you invest today, over the next five years that $10,000 will snowball into $37,000. That means your money is able to grow 3.7 times and size of the next five years itself. Having said that we do not necessarily even need you to start with $10,000 today.

We only need you to start with a minimum of $2000 when it comes to the Income Mastery Program. Yes, you got it right. With $2000, you can get you into all the big blue chips that we are talking about today. If you need to find out how they come to our program, we will elaborate for you. For now, let’s talk about the $10,000. Imagine that every $10,000 becomes $37,000 at the five years. Now, think about as you go on over the years and as you’re getting closer and closer to the need for that financial freedom. You are not going to be investing $2000 anymore but you going to be investing $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000.

Now, imagine if that money that you are investing right now as you grow and mature in the market. That money as you are applying the methods will snowball 3 1/2 times or 3.7 times over the next five years as you allow the money to go to work. That is what our investors have done over here. That is actually how we can help several different individuals achieve their lifestyles that they want to live over the last three years itself. It all starts from that $2000. Of course, if you have more and you feel comfortable about then it it’s free for all.

Basically, you can go about setting a tone in terms of how much you one of us today, get started and as you start to feel more and more comfortable about how the money is being made you can start to escalate the amount. I always tell students, “It is your money. How you want to make the money is entirely up to you. It is your money after all. When you’re ready, the stock market is ready to allow you to make money.” I’m going to end this video. If you want to find out more about the next topic, please pay attention to our next video.

Understanding What Are The Trading/Investment Vehicles Available In Singapore

Understanding What Are The Trading/Investment Vehicles Available In Singapore

Hi, everyone. I am Terence from Income Mastery Program. In my last video what I did was debunk the difference between trading and investments for the common investors in how to approach their investments. Next video, I’m going to talk more about different trading philosophies or basically the art of speculation. Now, when it comes to trading and speculation some of the more common vehicles that people will relate to is none other than the foreign-exchange. The foreign-exchange is called Forex or FX. The next one will be Contracts for differences which is also called CFD over here. Lastly, is a slightly older product which is called Futures.

Now, what I’m going to do is break these vehicles down one by one and talk about them in a little bit more detail. So, it is basically the case when you make money from trading and philosophies over here. What you do is that basically you are trying to get the direction of what you expect right. So, if you get the direction right you going to end up making money. But, if you should get the direction wrong you are not going to end up making any money at all. So, it is basically what I always ask my students in the sessions over here, “Can you accurately determine where an asset or a particular investment will go to tomorrow? Is it going up or is he going down? Can you be 100% sure that you know exactly where it is going? Now, if you cannot do that what makes you think that anyone else out there will be able to tell you with 100% certainty that they know exactly where the item is going to be next or going to be at tomorrow.

So, foreign-exchange is never an asset. When I say that it is never an asset that is because the currencies go up and down. Basically, people will hold currency for a short period of time. What they’re trying to achieve is make money out of the trends that go up and down in this process. But, what a lot of people don’t know or understand is that Forex is a highly leverage product. Which means that every dollar that goes up over here is not a true dollar but is a multiple of it. If you’re not prepared for this leverage it can actually add up to hurting you and not benefiting you. It is a very fast-moving product. So, if you not ready for a fast-moving lifestyle in order to make this extra income then is not really going to work for you.

The next thing I’m going to talk about is contract for difference. Contract the difference is basically the stocks investing on steroids. A lot of people don’t know about this. It is just the stock investing on steroids. Because with the stocks the brokers are really lending you up to 50% in order to finance the stock. But, with the CFD’s what happens is that they are lending you up to 80% to do the same thing. But, when you loan up to 80% over here what happens is that every amount of loss that is being clocked always gets escalated that is because someone is going to buy 10 lots of the stock they going to buy 10 lots of CFD’s as well. What happens over here is that 10 lots of CFD’s…

So, what happens is that if someone buys 10 lots of stocks? What happens is that when it comes to CFD’s because of the lesser amount that is required for deposits you may actually end up buying up to 20 lots of CFD’s instead. That is just because you can afford it. But, what happens when losses start becoming clocked in? What happens is that losses are being clocked 20 lots instead of the original 10 lots. So, this will be a double whammy affect. Yes, if you are right then you can make a lot more money. But, if you are wrong then you will start to lose a lot of money in the process. A lot of people might not be prepared for that. Again, this is another form of trading and speculation done over here. A lot of people may not exactly know the risk and threats behind it.

The last one is the futures. Futures are not new it is very old. Again, it is a highly leveraged product. So, it being a very highly leveraged product a lot of people are not prepared for the amount of losses. That is because for futures, every one dollar is not a direct dollar. It all depends upon the contract size of the particular commodity or the asset that you are dealing with. Some can be $50 or even as high as $1000 for every one dollar movement.

It does lead to further complications. Now, if you are just trying to create a residual income are you sure that you really want to make your life more complicated that is already? Now, if you don’t want to do this, you should look for in my next video. We are going to approach the investment philosophies that allows you to keep your life simple and build the residual income that you have always been trying to create for yourself. If you’re interested in doing that or finding out more about that then stay tuned to our next video. Thank you very much.

The Income Mastery Program (IMP)

The Income Mastery Program (IMP)

Our flagship programme, the Income Mastery Programme (IMP), is an experiential and intensive 12 months investment apprenticeship that educates its participants with the correct investment knowledge, participants will be taught how to select from a list of pre-filtered stock list of stocks that possess the amazing ability to continuously grow in income and value to the investor. Combining this with the skill set of options selling, participants will be brought through a trading experience like no other with IMP as our trainers will not only impart our knowledge to you but guide you along this journey as you discover new, practical “street wise” methodology to generating outsized returns consistently on your investment portfolio.

Since its debut in January 2013, Income Mastery Programme (IMP) has accumulated totaled graduates profits of well over USD$800,000 till date (September 2015), and 100% Graduates’ Success Rates from our uniquely designed program with the participants at focus for once. Getting a good grasp of investment ideas takes time and our promise of 12 months allows investors to wade into the waters with us holding your hands until you become an experience swimmer upon graduation in 12 months knowing how to navigate all the ups and downs then market may throw at you as our trainers stand steadfast alongside with you fulfilling our promise to every graduate that they will be able to profit and benefit from this apprenticeship.

Whether the participants are completely new to investing or are experience traders or even brokers will be able to benefit from our simple to common sense basic fundamentals analysis, delivered in an easy-to-understand manner and our one of its kind trading mentorship experience over 12 months.

The main aim of this apprenticeship is to truly allow the common investor in anyone to upgrade from the otherwise “book smart” concepts that can be found and read in books into the world of “street smart” investing which can otherwise only be conceptualized through accumulate experience in the markets itself and perfected and improved constantly when weakness are found in the methodology to finally arrive at IMP today that we see.

We believe that common investors should be spending their resources and time on direct, simple and yet common sense approaches to investing that can not only yield them the profits they so desire but also something that can fit into the lifestyle they are experiencing now and will be experiencing in the future as they grow. IMP allows for that as our approach stems from identifying ever green income growers stocks and then investing into them for weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly and even yearly duration for profits. This allows for any investors to plan and structure their investments into these stocks accordingly to their desired and preferred time schedules and allows for flexibility yet profitability.

Come join us and experience this change for yourself now… check out our latest schedules for our upcoming FREE introduction sessions here: incomemasteryprogramme.eventbrite.com

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me Investing

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me Investing

Investing is and has always been a very personal activity where self gains are always put on top of all other issues. This is the simple and harsh truth of such an activity that directly relates to the ultimate well-being of your pockets. The one phase that often comes to any individual investors mind would be WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Decisions relating to any form of investments made are then a result of the possible outcomes to this scenario being play out inside over and over again.

The stock market involves decision making like all or most activities investors have to go through on a daily basis and unfortunately however in this instance, only the correct decision will yield success and the wrong decision will result in direct pain being inflicted in monetary terms. People invest to grow their money and never have I seen an investor who would be happy when the investment decision ultimately leads to losing money instead. So to eradicate this problem or issue relating to wrong decisions being made, all the investor has to begin thinking about would be WIIFM.

Remember how you do everything is how you do anything!

If you were a private tutor and a fellow friend ask you for a favor to take his classes for him but does not offer you anything for taking the session in his place, would you say YES?

Now what if the same situation arises and this time your friend suggest he would be more than happy to pass you the $200 he gets paid for the tutoring session that you would be doing him a favor by helping him out with? Would this be a YES now?

See a simple test like that may seem idiotic to ask and bring up at the very least but seldom to people realize that they often end up with the wrong answers when this question is being posted in the stock market. Why are people always willing to sacrifice their hard earned money on a “hot stock” based on a hot tip that is ready to explode and never instead on the reliable stocks that will always pay you in good times or bad or when the stock price goes up or down?

I do hope you are beginning to see the picture we are painting here. In actual truth, successful investing can be easy and indeed is easy as long as the investor in question is think clearly on how this game should work. Investing is a different form to gambling as gambling involves decision making base on greed or a hunch but investment decisions are made based on careful thought process and overseeing all possible outcome scenarios that is possible before any money is put at stake.

So the next time you invest a dollar into the stock market, ask yourself this all important question:

If I buy this stock today, WIIFM?

If it goes up: Will I get any bonus extras on top of the capital gain I make off the stock?

If it goes down: Will I still get paid while waiting for the stock to recover in price?

If it does nothing: Am I still getting paid cos in the bank I still get a measly small interest on any deposits

If you are able to arrive at a YES reply for the 3 scenarios presented above then the investment decision or decisions you make from here forth will begin to improve and yield you the better results you have always been seeking for.

Happy Investing Everyone…