#1 Reason Why You Should Choose US Stocks Over SG Stocks

#1 Reason Why You Should Choose US Stocks Over SG Stocks

Hi, again everyone. This is Terence from the Income Mastery Program. So, today we are going to cover this simple question, “Terence, why choose US stock market and not Singapore market?” Now, the answer is very simple. You know, I have not touched the Singapore stocks for over 10 years right now. So, I always tell my students this in a funny way. If you actually ask me by saying, “What is the [DBS] stock price is today?” I can not give you an answer because I really do not know. However, if you ask me what the US stock price is today, I can probably name a lot of them today.

So, why do we choose the US again? As simple as it is actually this. The simple answer is because we should basically move our money to where it can produce the most. Right now, best investors out there do not stick to a single country. Money always goes where it is treated best. It is to me, about being able to start an investment business using the biggest and the best companies out there in the whole world. It means that my money is able to work over there.

Now, think about it the ultimate question that I always ask my students: “Do you actually think for example if Coca-Cola were to face troubles and DBS were to face troubles. Who do you think would collapse first?” You know we all know the answer. Doesn’t that give you the security and the sense of safety when it comes to the US markets? That is because the companies over there are targeting a worldwide market. That is, compared to the small markets that we have here, this is the business we’re trying to target and make money out of.

Again, it is not about where we are investing. It is about where our money is able to work the hardest. Right now, buying big blue chips in Singapore, you’re probably going to get average 8%-10% returns in the long run. Take this business into the US market and start an investment business out of it with the Income Mastery philosophy. What we are able to do is to bring this 8% to 10% per annum up to an average of about 30% and higher on annual basis. So, again just like previous video at 30% per annum, you are able to increase your money by 3.7 times every five years. Isn’t that where your money is treated best?

The answer is very simple. Think about your money. How hard that you want to work your money over here. It is going to be the same thing. You can choose big blue chips in the US or big blue chips and Singapore. They’re all safe after all. Right now, if you want to work your money hard then that is were we go. We go to US markets over here.

So, I hope that I have been able to help you with this little feel that you have over here about the US markets. That is all that we have for this video. You will find out more in our next couple of videos. This all that I have for today. Thank you very much. This is Terence goodbye.

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